WellDone Inc.

Building Restoration

At WellDone Inc, we employ industry leading methods, techniques and products to restore integrity and provide longevity for the building façade, structure and parking garage.  We take a proactive approach to prevent water leakage, façade deterioration and go the extra mile to ensure the reduce the disruption during the project.

Masonry Repairs

  • brick/block replacement
  • tuckpointing
  • stonework
  • masonry retro-ties
  • shelf-angle repairs
  • through-wall flashing

Concrete Repairs

  • balconies
  • parking garages
  • epoxy injection
  • shearwalls, columns
  • spandrel walls
  • exposed floor-slab
  • foundations


  • caulking & sealants
  • balcony membranes
  • painting/ wall coating
  • metal refinishing
  • masonry & concrete sealers
  • vehicular traffic toppings

Window Repairs

  • window and Door repairs/replacement
  • Curtain wall repairs
  • Water Leakage Investigation
  • Glass replacement
  • weatherstripping Replacement

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